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Ultimate Swift Xpress is a community of awesome people looking for one thing: getting to the destination for less. Whether you’re wishing you could find a way to reunite with friends, explore the far corners of the world or simply nab a break from the daily grind, we’ve got you covered. We’re your ticket to where you want (or end up being inspired) to go, without breaking the bank on flights – we make it possible for you to experience more. If you’ve hit us up on social media or replied to one of our email alerts, you’ll likely have heard from one of the team.

Meet the travel enthusiasts behind Ultimate Swift Xpress, dedicating themselves to finding you all the smartest cheap flights out there!

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Huge thanks to Ultimate Swift Xpress for the business class flight deals to Abu Dhabi! We had the most comfortable flights ever with BA and the best 10 days in Dubai over New Year! If you don’t already use Ultimate Swift Xpress I highly recommend (it’s free!)
Mitchel Jhonsan
Mitchel Jhonsan
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Thanks owed to Ultimate Swift Xpress for some great cheap flights to Venice! Definitely softened the blow of the cost of everything else there
Richard Austin
Richard Austin
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We scored round trip tickets to Orlando for £300 per person from Belfast thanks to Ultimate Swift Xpress email alert tipping us off to the drop in price. The day after we booked they were back up to over twice the price! I would highly recommend signing up to their service

Hi, I'm David

You might’ve read about a certain flight hacking ninja in the Times, the BBC or Lonely Planet. Well, that’s me. I live for uncovering cheap flights and sharing them with our Flight Club members. Now, you might be wondering, “Why does he do this?” Well, I think people should be able to see the world and explore new places on any budget. It’s my passion to explore the globe – 53 countries and counting – and doing so by flying for ridiculously cheap prices!

And yes, I know not everyone has the time or know-how to dig out the cheapest flights deals like Bali for £189 or Peru for £212. But hey, I do, and that’s why I set up this newsletter, to share them with all of you.

Question & Answer

Yup! Signing up to Ultimate Swift Xpress is free forever! You’ll receive cheap flight tips to your inbox for as long as you like! We also have a paid Premium membership option for those looking to get even more flight alerts – you can read more about that below.

All of them! We’re on the lookout for absurdly cheap flights to destinations worldwide. Whether it’s a massive price-drop on flights to Malta, a secret sale to Los Angeles or a mispriced fare to Tokyo, we find it and let you know about it!

All of them! We’re on the lookout for absurdly cheap flights to destinations worldwide. Whether it’s a massive price-drop on flights to Malta, a secret sale to Los Angeles or a mispriced fare to Tokyo, we find it and let you know about it!

It depends on how many insanely cheap flights we unearth. We don’t take commissions for your clicks and are not affiliated with any airlines or bookings agents, so we’ll only send you a deal when there is a genuinely fantastic fare. On average, free members can expect 6-8 awesome tips per month. Premium Membership subscribers will receive 25-40+ email alerts every month, depending on their departure airport selection.

The best way to make sure you receive the emails is by adding our email address (info@ultimateswiftxpress.com) to your address book. Do that first, and then check if they’re hiding in your spam folder. If there’s still no sign, email us at info@ultimateswiftxpress.com, and we’ll sort it out together.

We send alerts for cheap flights departing from all airports in the United Kingdom and Northern Europe. If you’ve been a subscriber for more than a few days, you’ve probably seen alerts for an airport near you.

Yes, indeed! The biggest savings are in long-haul destinations, where our tip-offs save members over £400 (450€) per ticket on average. However, we’re always on the lookout for cheap flights to Europe as well, and have a weekly ‘Weekend Trips’ feature covering flights leaving from over 50 airports in the UK and Northern Europe.

We look everywhere! Naturally, most people (us included!) prefer to fly full-service, so we look there first. However, if a budget airline has a spectacular offer on a weekend getaway to Prague or a flight to Iceland, you’ll be hearing about it!

Thrilled to be of help! If you are enjoying the newsletters, we would love for you to share Ultimate Swift Xpress with your friends. We’re starting a cheap flights revolution here! Oh, and send us your best travel photos from the trip!

We’d love to help – the thing is, our club has grown so big in such a short space of time that we simply can’t keep up with the mountain of requests flying in. All I can say is that we are constantly searching for cheap flights all over the world, so keep an eye on your inbox, and I’m sure your destination will come up!

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